refund 2020

On March 8 2020, the French Government announced a ban on events for more than 1,000 people. The Unlimited Festival then closed the 2020 ticket sales and reorganised its various events to comply with the new regulations.

On March 13, the government announced a ban on events for more than 100 people and the festival was forced to announce the cancellation of its 2020 edition.

The Unlimited Festival, which was to be held from March 31 to April 5, was at that time one of the first major festivals to be immediately impacted by the health situation and to enter the unknown; just after Tomorrowland Winter which was still a different case as at that time the ski resorts and hotels remained open.

On the day of the ban, the festival was unable to refund all the tickets & passes with available cash. Rather than promising a postponement on a hypothetical subsequent edition, or refunding festival-goers at random according to our possibilities, we have chosen to declare our situation to the Commercial Court so it would be managed in the most perfect legality and each creditor would be treated equally.

At the time of our first communication, at the very beginning of the coronavirus crisis, the future appeared very bleak to us and no solution seemed possible, which led us to immediately consider liquidation and the end of the festival. This initial communication, succinct and abrupt, was driven at the time by what it was possible to say while respecting the procedure in progress, and we apologise for its nature.

Since then, The Unlimited Festival team has worked tirelessly to find solutions to refund all the tickets and passes and, subsequently, to announce a 2021 edition of the festival. The measures announced by the government, the support of many artists, partners and festival-goers, discussions with potential investors and certain suppliers now allow us to glimpse a more favorable outcome.

In that respect, a file for receivership was submitted to the Commercial Court, which validated the procedure in mid-May. The objective of this receivership is to settle the debts, in this case essentially the refund of 2020 tickets & passes and perhaps to consider the continuation of our activity.

The Court has set a 6-month observation period during which the festival will continue to work hard at developing a recovery plan. During this period we will have to recover all of the advances made, in particular from artists, certain service providers and suppliers, and write the future with new investments and partnerships.
At the end of this period, in early October, the Court will decide whether or not to validate the recovery plan we have submitted.

In order for your tickets/passes to be refunded at the outcome of this procedure, you must imperatively declare your claim to the legal representative, appointed by the Commercial Court to represent you, AT THE LATEST ON JULY 15 2020. If you have already written to us to claim a refund, you must still declare your claim to the Judicial Representative, otherwise it will be lost.

To do this, you can download the form to fill out as well instructions HERE. You must also send your booking receipt / confirmation e-mail. 

We will of course keep you informed on a regular basis as the procedure follows its course, but please keep in mind that this will take time. If you have any questions we are available on [email protected]

We would like to warmly thank the partners, artists and the many festival-goers who have shown us their support, their solidarity and their confidence. We understand of course the disappointment of the festival-goers who had to reschedule their participation as well as the anger of the people who are awaiting their refunds, but know that we are doing everything to secure a resolution and will be in touch as soon as possible.

31 march - 5 april 2020
courmayeur mont blanc