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Dear festival-goers,

We regret to announce that the organising company of The Unlimited Festival has had to file its state of suspension of payments for a judicial liquidation under the supervision of the Commercial Court, as required by law in its situation.

The ban on the event a few days before the start due to the health crisis, alongside the numerous investments that had already been made to hold this edition, has unfortunately left us no other alternative.

We are fully aware that this is a very important loss for you. We are profoundly saddened and upset that you have to suffer the consequences of this cancellation due to Coronavirus. We assure you that we have considered all possible solutions and that we have fought to the end for this event and for its public.

In this particularly difficult context the President of the Republic promised on the evening of 16th March "that no business will be left at risk of bankruptcy" as well as announcing strong measures in this direction. It’s a new hope. We have already approached the authorities on this matter and will keep you informed.

The Unlimited Festival team

31 march - 5 april 2020
courmayeur mont blanc